This model is designed for the “close contact experience”. The majority off the people who made a choice of this model, are the more advantage riders. This saddle is perfectly located on the back of a horse and the rider will find his spot really easy. The channel in this saddle is wide enough to stay out the areas where all the important nerves are. The blocks , which are outside situated, are made with an extra foam, based on the length off your upper thigh. Short of Long block available.

Available in the sizes: 17, 17.5, and 18” inch seat.

Prijs: € 3395,-

Kostprijs: Info aanmeet afspraak 06-50203040

Delivery time: Custom made : between 4 and 6 weeks

Saddle Fitting: If purchased a new saddle, all outcome & fitting costs included

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If you buy a saddle, fitting to your horse is included.

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