What is the basic price of a Macrider Saddle?

Jumping saddles: Grand Prix, Grand Prix Pro and Berlin $ 4395.-
Dressage saddles: between $ 5395.- and $ 5995.-

What is the delivery time for a Macrider Saddle?

If the model of your choice is available we can deliver instantaneously. If not, delivery time will be 45 days for a dressage saddle and 60 days for a Jumping saddle after down payment.

Is there a surcharge for colors other than black?

No there isn’t, the price is determined by the model. Would you like options for example Swarovski crystals , patent laeder or Croco into the saddle, these are extra and can be realized with additional cost.

Are the trial fitting costs included buying a second hand/Demo saddle ?

No, the second hand/Demo saddles have a net Price, excl. Tax and shipping costs.