Returns, maintenance and warranty

When customers decided to order a custom Macrider Saddle or Bridle they receive a mail confirmation of the specified order they made. All saddles and bridles are custom made in our factory in Europe. Customer pays in Full for the saddle and or bridle, after receiving payment we start making the custom order.

If customer decide after giving the order buy the items and making the payment, the custom order is NON refundable. Sold Custom saddles or Bridles bought directly from shows or showroom , have the same payment plan.

If customer decides to exchange the saddle for another model within two weeks from delivery, the costs will be $ 2500.00 extra on top of the new purchase price minus the costs price of the original one. No exchanges after two weeks.

The down payment costs including : fitting , delivering , customs , delivery over seas.

Warranty saddle
3 year warranty on all Poly Flex trees , 1 year warranty against any defects in materials, leather and workmanship. Shipping costs to and from factory for repairs are not included.

From time to time the saddle will need to be examined and possibly adjusted for a better fit on Customer’s horse; all adjustments, repairs or service must to done by Macrider; any adjustments, repairs or service done by other saddle fitters will void the warranty.

Maintenance after use
The soft leather is cleaned with saddle soap and a soft brush and or cloth. Then remove excess soap with a damp sponge. A too wet sponge creates foam between the seams and buckles so that the stitching can be released! Then lubricate the leather with white leather grease on the saddle and / or bridle. This leaves you ten minutes and then you spread it with a clean cloth. Ensure that the cloth does not fluff. Lanolin contains a lot of water in fat. Leather grease contains avocado oil, this is for the fluidity and beeswax for the shine. Use of oil for the maintenance of girth and hard leather parts of saddle and bridle is also possible. This works fine too.

Pay attention, do not use oil on the knees (knee wrinkle) and the seat (seat). Leather oil can discolor the soft leather, especially brown leather. Oil should also be used more often than leather grease because it attracts quickly. Please note, also buckle and nail under side-flap attachment well maintained with soap and grease, otherwise corrosion and discoloration of copper occurs.

We recommended Effax , these balm products keep discoloration of the leather.