All Macrider saddles and bridles are custom made.
To order a Macrider custom made saddle and or saddle in stock, we will require full payment. Custom made saddles or bridles do not have a trial period.

When paid in full all the goods will be given/send to customer.                   
Credit Card Payments can be done by telephone.

Price change
Whilst every effort will be made to maintain the prices quoted, it may not always be possible; therefore we reserve the right to discontinue any items from the list and change prices when necessary.

Returns & Exchanges
All standard goods are subject to approval.

If agree , standard goods must be returned in a soiled condition the customer may be charged a cleaning or repair fee in order to restore the goods to a saleable condition. Items exchanged will incur Postage & Packaging charges. Please notify us of any goods damaged in transit from Macrider within a reasonable amount of time or no exchange will be considered, under no circumstances should items be used when damaged, as you will be deemed to have accepted the goods in their damaged condition. Please note that damaged goods are subject to inspection before a refund will be authorised. Goods will only be exchanged or refunded if they are returned in a reasonable condition. The customer is responsible for the costs of returning the goods unless found to be faulty; proof of postage must be obtained by the customer (and in the case of faulty goods a receipt should be obtained in order to receive a refund of transit costs). All goods returned to MacRider must be insured,  to cover the full replacement value , if lost or damaged in transit.

Returns custom made saddles or bridles:
When Customers decided to order a Macrider Custom made saddle or bridle, they received a mail confirmation of the order they made of the specific saddle and/or bridle measurements and specs. 

If a customer decides after giving the order and placed the payment and have accepted the saddle or bridle, and or stock custom saddle, and they want to return the saddle or bridle within 2 weeks of purchase and does not wish to exchange anything for another macrider model, a minimum fee of  $2,500.00 will be charged and deducted from the original amount signed on the confirmation order, they will NOT receive there payment back in full.

Bridle, Girths and or Stirrups bought on fairs or exhibitions and after trying don’t have the right size , can be exchange for the right size , no full refund can be given , extra shipping costs will be charged.


On top of the $ 2,500.00 cancelation costs there is a 4% handling charge for credit card refunds, a $ 50.00 charge for debit and cheque refunds, there is no handling charge for cash or in the case of faulty goods. All refunds will require proof of purchase in order to be processed. 

Sponsoring and or Consignment saddles returning.
If MacRider sponsors MacRider tack to coaches , riders or resellers , the tack stays and belongs always for 100% to the MacRider company. MacRider shall make an confirmation order which contains the current value which tack shall be sponsored. The sponsored demo items shall be kept well maintained and returned after cancellation of any sponsorship agreement. All returned items shipment costs are in full for the sponsored rider or reseller when stopped. When not returned all items or parts of the sponsored demo goods , the sponsor recipient shall be held responsible for the outstanding ( or partial ) amount.

Used Saddles

Pricing used saddles; excl. Tax , shipping and fitting trial costs.

All complaints should be directed to Complaints Department:
Email address:

Notice of the Right to Cancel
Under the Distance Selling Regulations, customers have the legal right to cancel their order within seven working days of receipt of the goods (with a few exceptions such as: all custom made saddle orders or custom stock items and any other items as permitted under local law where applicable). The goods must be returned to MacRider in perfect condition.

The customer will bear the cost of returning these goods (or of them being recovered) on cancellation.


Macrider bears no responsibility for resellers, items purchased from resellers can only be resolved with them. The warranty continues to apply to purchased items.
MacRider never can be held liable for any delays, which can occur by US customs, and or decisions made by Federal Government that may lead to late and or inability to deliver ordered items. MacRider saddlery can not be responsible for the loss of packages. Fedex Packages shipped in the US with standard insurance up to $ 50.00. Apply for additional insurance on a package is possible via quotation , request quote