About us

Macrider was founded by master saddler Henriette Biekmann-Janssen, who worked with the Olympic teams in the Netherlands and some of the world’s top riders for nearly 25 years. Her uncompromising, commitment to comfort and performance of both horse and rider led her on a guest to build a more perfect saddle and bridle thus Macrider was born.

Custom fit

Crafting her wool flocked saddles with a adjustable carbon fiber tree, and the finest Italian leather on short back panels, Macrider quickly became a sensation among top international riders and trainers. Every detail of the saddles and bridles are hand made to the exacting standards for which Macrider is legendary.

With customization options to nearly every part of the saddle and bridle, Macrider crafts each saddle to be a true custom fit for both horse and rider.

Experience the joy and harmony of riding in a saddle that fits even the most difficult horse and rider perfectly.