Dressage stirrups

Our unique design Close Contact  Dressage Stirrup Leathers are to reduce bulk under the riders leg, by using a single length of English leather with a bonded nylon core . Made in our soft calf leather you can barely feel they are there. The strap has a loop at one end to go over the stirrup bar, and is adjustable. The free end is fed through the stirrup, and then secured using a T bar fixing back through the stirrup leather by the riders ankle. Our Close Contact Stirrup leathers can be used on any leather saddle and are a good choice for riders that need maximum communication with their horse . A particular favourite with Dressage and Endurance riders, particularly useful with our Mono-Flap Saddles.

Prijs: Basisprijs € 165,-

Kostprijs: info over de dressuur stijgbeugel riemen 06-50203040

Delivery time: Custom made : between 4 and 6 weeks

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