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This model would be suitable for a lot off people , but here again its easy to say “you hate it or LOVE it”. This saddle will really fit a lot off horses, but as a rider you need to have a few skills . It’s an “old” feeling. It is a double flap saddle. Why is it an easy saddle for different purposes? Well.....The reason......, it is an open seat , there is a block under your flap, which you can design to make it in a thicker block or just a in a thinner one. With this saddle its also easy to get your horse ready for a nice ride in the outdoors. You still feel happy when you come back after a few hours of riding. This is a short paneled saddle. You could make a choice for a normal seat, a soft or extra soft . Available in the sizes 17, 17.5, 17.8, 18, 19” inch seat.

Prijs: € 2995,-

Kostprijs: Info aanmeet afspraak 06-50203040

Delivery time: Custom made : between 4 and 6 weeks

Saddle Fitting: If purchased a new saddle, all outcome & fitting costs included

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