Grand Prix

Grand Prix


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This saddle is designed for the recreational and the jumping rider. This saddle is hand crafted made with the finest leather in the industry. This model, is like all the other saddles ,filled with 100% wool . This saddle will give the rider a lot off support in the jumping arena and outdoor in the fields. The cantle off this model provides you a good support in the seat of the saddle. This saddle is also possible to make in a more forward flap, as well you can change the length off the flap. This model is adjustable and available in the sizes: 17, 17.5, 17.8, and in 18’ inch seat.

Kostprijs: € 3095,- Info aanmeet afspraak 06-50203040

Delivery time: Custom made : between 6 and 8 weeks

Saddle Fitting: If purchased a new saddle, all outcome & fitting costs included

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Delivery time

Custom made : between 6 and 8 weeks