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The name of this model will tell you in which kind off year this model was emerged . It was during the Olympics in the year of 2004. Through the years we did changed the flaps. We went from a double flap saddle into a single flap model. The feeling for the horse and rider are really a “game changer”. The cushions underneath , are really suitable for a short backed horse, with high withers. This model could be ordered in a normal, a soft or extra soft seat. Blocks are made on Velcro and are adjustable for the preferences of the rider. Available in the sizes : 17, 17.5, and 18” inch seat.

Prijs: € 3395,-

Kostprijs: Info aanmeet afspraak 06-50203040

Delivery time: Custom made : between 4 and 6 weeks

Saddle Fitting: If purchased a new saddle, all outcome & fitting costs included

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