$4.895,00 (Basic Price) extra info
The name does already tell you that it is a kind off a Diamond. It is the big sister from the Majestic but this model has the blocks on the outside of the saddle flap. This model is suitable for the more “advanced” rider as you will have the experience, ones u are on, that you will have a lot off freedom for you as a rider, but also there is a lot of freedom for the horse. The panels are thinner then the other models (also on the Majestic) so you will be much closer to the back off the horse, could be ordered in a normal, a soft or extra soft seat. Short of Long block available. Available in the sizes: 17.5, and 18” inch seat.

Prijs: € 3395,-

Kostprijs: Info zadelprijs 06-5020304

Delivery time: Custom made : between 4 and 6 weeks

Saddle Fitting: If purchased a new saddle, all outcome & fitting costs included

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